Thursday, 23 October 2008

"Here Comes the Sun" - Beatles, 1969

This is the type of post I usually reserve for my music blog. But this morning, I feel compelled to talk about Brian Wilson's "That Lucky Old Sun" here in Lord Celery. That's how much it is affecting me.

We're all having tough times right now...some of us much worse than others. Although I'm happier in my personal life than I have been since I was little kid, I'm really fighting to keep my spirits up right now. It's so hard to find any good news in the world, especially given what's happening in the world's financial markets. John's job search is taking much longer than it should. And, like many many other "Boomers", I'm watching the gradual erosion of the funds I've faithfully put away for what I always hoped would be a comfortable-but-not-extravagant retirement someday.

And although I feel very much at home and loved in the UK, the truth is that I'm a long way from my home country. As we approach such an important US election, I feel especially far away. Sometimes I think I sublimate how I'm feeling about being out of the US a bit more than is healthy, but I guess it makes day-to-day life a bit easier to deal with to use that defense mechanism.

So in the midst of this semi-funk I've found myself falling into, my officemate brought in a copy of Brian Wilson's latest release "That Lucky Old Sun" and played it for me. I've always been a fan of Wilson's work, but I certainly did not expect to be blown away by this CD. But I was.

I often tell John that my goal is to be the sunshine in his life. Well just as my own sunshine reserves were feeling a little depleted, here came the recharging unit! This CD is almost magical. It brings to mind the sound of the Beach Boys from back in the 60s (sorry - some of my readers won't remember the 60s...). Believe it or not, I've never been to Southern California. But I feel like I have when I hear this album. I can almost believe, as I listen, that I grew up there along with the Wilsons - that's it's my home as well. That's where the songs take my mind, as I listen to the CD.

So I know this one will be resident in my car's CD player for quite some time. It not only makes my commute go quickly, it makes my heart sing and my face smile.

How often can you spend around £10 and get that kind of feeling?



At 24 October, 2008 01:09 , Anonymous NFAH said...

Sorry to hear about your semi-funk. It happens to us all but that doesn't make it any easier when it's happening to you! Hope it does brighten up a bit.

At 24 October, 2008 05:29 , Blogger Jannie Funster said...

I'm happier in my personal life than I've ever been too!! Yay for us. Whee-hoo.

Funks will come and go but Brian Wilson will always be just a touch of the button away.

I wonder does he still spend most of his time in his bed? Shit, if I had millions I would too I bet.


At 26 October, 2008 04:43 , Anonymous CC said...

Sometimes when I'm a bit low..a fellow bloggers remarks will lift my spirits and make me smile. And I am reminded that..this too will pass.
P.S. I would love to visit the U.K. It's a "someday" trip..
I am visiting via BATW..and saying a big hi from Texas.. Come visit.

At 27 October, 2008 15:53 , Blogger Expat mum said...

I read with interest your comments on "home" versus your adopted home. It's something I don't think about too often either. I suppose I'm here for the long haul given that two of my kids are too far into the US school system to pull them out and change everything. I do wonder what I will eventually choose to do when and if I ever have the opportunity to move back?


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