Monday, 20 October 2008

"Jungle Juice" - Sticks McGhee, early-1950s

Last Friday, quite a few of my office colleagues went over to Oxford's Town Hall to sample the offerings at the 2008 Oxford Beer Festival. Needless to say, they all seemed to enjoy themselves enormously!

Several of them came back to tell me about an award-winning cider called "Janet's Jungle Juice".

I'm just curious if any of my UK readers have sampled any? Obviously, John and I must give it a try!



At 20 October, 2008 15:36 , Blogger Expat mum said...

I can't even stand the smell of cider ever since an incident when I was about 16. But you don't want to know.....

At 29 October, 2008 11:59 , Blogger Milky Bar Kid said...

Please let us all know what it tastes like. 'Cause the mind boggles at the moment! LOL.


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