Friday, 21 November 2008

"That's Amore" - Dean Martin, 1953

To celebrate the fact that it's Friday, how about a really off-the-wall news item.

I've read some strange news stories before. But few are stranger than the one about the man who was pleasuring himself in a jar of pasta, in his car, when caught by police.

Note the following items that police found in the man's car (besides the jar of pasta): pornography, women's stockings and a homemade sex aid. They also found a Jack Russell terrier.

I just hope the poor doggie isn't being charged as an accomplice.

Have a great weekend, everybody!



At 21 November, 2008 17:11 , Blogger chris hale said...

It just had to happen on Nobby's Beach, didn't it?

Obviously he was having his Dolmio Day!

At 22 November, 2008 18:18 , Blogger Brit' Gal Sarah said...

OMG!! And I almost choked when I read Nobby's Beach!!

At 24 November, 2008 22:48 , Blogger Sarah D said...

you couldn't make it up!

At 26 November, 2008 16:16 , Blogger Expat mum said...

Ugh - how will I ever be able to make pasta again?


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