Wednesday, 26 November 2008

"Upon the High View" - Neshama, 2002

I've been quiet for a few days because I went off to London again on Sunday afternoon. And I got back home last night just in time to head to sleep.

On Monday and Tuesday, I taught two days of classes in London for a company based in Canary Wharf. I enjoy going there but don't stay in a Canary Wharf hotel. I've found it better - both for my employer's budget and for personal reasons - to stay at a hotel across the Thames in historic Greenwich. It's only about 6 stops on the Docklands Light Railway to Canary Wharf from Greenwich, and at least there are interesting things to see and do in Greenwich during any free time I have.

As much as I enjoy the interaction with the students, training is a physically and mentally draining occupation. So I'm still pretty tired this evening.

I'm going to therefore keep this blog entry a little short. But I thought you might enjoy seeing a couple of views I've seen during the past couple of days. You can click on either photo for a full-sized version.

Here was my view down Greenwich High Road, from my hotel room.

And here's the view west, up the Thames, from one of the towers in Canary Wharf. Pretty incredible, isn't it?



At 26 November, 2008 22:31 , Blogger Sarah D said...

beautiful view of the Thames!


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