Saturday, 31 January 2009

"May You Never" - John Martyn, 1987

One of the saddest pieces of news I've heard in a long time was about the death of one of my favorite musicians, John Martyn, last Thursday.

John and I had the great privilege - along with GLW - of seeing Martyn in concert in Oxford last November. Little did any of us know that this would be our last opportunity to see him perform. I do recall, though, that at the time we all agreed that he didn't look well at all.

For those of you reading this who don't know John Martyn, you can take a look at his website to learn more about this very talented and equally complicated man.

I wish I could tell you that I managed to take some good concert photos in Oxford last November. We had wonderful seats. But once I whipped out my little digital camera (without flash, I might add) to take a few pre-concert shots, I got a tap on the shoulder from one of the theater ushers telling me very sternly that no photography was allowed. So this is all I got before I had to put the camera back in my bag...

Sad, isn't it? Oh well - I should have saved what turned out to be my only shot for Martyn's arrival on stage.

So to Mr. Martyn, I'll just say: May you forgotten by lovers of fine music everywhere. You are going to be missed terribly by so many of us.



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