Sunday, 1 March 2009

"Change of One" - Spirit Drummers, 2000

John and I came up with a game this weekend. Here's how it works.

Take a movie title. Change only ONE letter within the title. And the resulting word, after the letter change, must be a real word.

Examples? The first one I came up was: "The Bribe of Frankenstein". And how about the film about abnormal weather: "One Blew Over the Cuckoo's Nest".

John came up with a couple of classics. He remembered that Bruce Willis once made a gardening thriller called "Dig Hard". And then there was Hitchcock's only boring film - the one about London Tube drivers - called "The 39 Stops"!

We welcome other submissions, and I'm SURE you can come up with some good ones!



At 01 March, 2009 22:07 , Anonymous Nozza said...

James Bond stars in Coldfinger - a crazed man intent on taking over the world freezes his finger in ice cream

The Codfather - the violent story of New Yoiks toughest fish market

Schnindlers Lift - the moving story of the worlds third largest elevator company

Apocolypse Non - the french remake of a classic movie

Paws - Amity Island is terrorised by Westies

No country for old Mel - Find out what's happened to Mel Smith in this movie that

Lady Chatterley's Loser - more gritty hijinks with realistic rustic accents

The Gums of Navarone - a group of dentists seek out to destroy Nazi Germany

Last Mango In Paris - No names to be mentioned other than Marlon Brandy

The Lizard of Oz - More reality TV from Down Under

At 02 March, 2009 12:01 , Blogger Janet said...

Nozza, those are great! I think my favorite is "The Lizard of Oz" - inspired!!!


At 03 March, 2009 03:39 , Blogger Iota said...

How can I compete with Nozza's marvellous list?

How about that epic about the Romans in Scotland: Chariots of Fife?

And in case you thought it was all about a large green scary ogre, think again: Shrew.

Star Wart.

Or Stag Wars.

The one about splitting the atom: Fission Impossible.

The diary of a string enthusiast: You Only Live Twine.

The dangers of alcoholism: Gone with the Wine.

This is a great game. Would you mind if I put it on my blog too?


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