Monday, 11 July 2005

"Something To Talk About" - Bonnie Raitt, 1991

I can't think of a better title for today's blog. I seem to have an unusually large volume of "stuff" on my mind today...

>>> Last week's bombings in London. I've found a fascinating online diary being kept by a Londoner who survived the bombing of the Tube train on the Piccadilly line between Kings Cross and Russell Square stations. She has a wonderful way with words. Like me, I think you'll be amazed at her strength of character...while still being utterly human and so very honest in her reactions. I wish I could meet her.

>>> Hurricane Dennis. I feel really bad for what the people along the Gulf Coast of Alabama and Florida are going through. I was in Houston for Hurricane Alicia back in 1983, and it's no fun at all. The National Hurricane Center's website is a very interesting, useful place to bookmark...whether you live in the US or just care about people who do.

>>> On a better note, CONGRATULATIONS to Juan Pablo Montoya for his victory yesterday in the British Grand Prix race at Silverstone! No, John and I didn't go but watched from the comfort of my house -- even though Silverstone isn't that far from where I live. If you're interested, take a look at F1's own website. You might just get hooked, like we are!

>>> ICE "In Case of Emergency". It's a really terrific idea, started by the East Anglian Ambulance Service here in England, to help emergency workers quickly find contact information for injured victims of accidents, etc. Maybe my posting it here will help spread the word just a little.

>>> After thinking more and more of the events of last week -- and of the reaction toward Muslims in the US after 9-11 -- I do hope that people will remember that the Islamic faith does NOT sanction terrorist activities. I'm hearing on the news that many British Muslims are now afraid to leave their homes for fear of public reprisals for last Thursday's London bombs. Take a look at this statement from the Islamic Cultural Centre and the London Central Mosque. I don't know what else to say. No matter how good my persuasion skills might be, many people in this world will stubbornly remain narrow-minded bigots.


Listening to: "Tambourine", Tift Merritt


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