Wednesday, 23 November 2005

"Savoy Truffle" - Beatles, 1968

On Monday and Tuesday, I ran a training class in London for a group of traders from one of the international oil companies. The venue happened to be near the Savoy Hotel...on The Strand. I always "soundtrack" the title song when I'm on The Strand.

After class yesterday, John suggested meeting me down on The Strand for a walk to over to Piccadilly to Fortnum & Mason. Were we after their famous food hampers? Their tea? Their truffles? Their cavier?


The reason we wanted to make the trip to Fortnum & Mason was because we were almost out of American peanut butter!

You see, Fortnum & Mason are one of the sources of American foods in London. We bought the only two jars of crunchy peanut butter they had left (Skippy Super Crunch). We would have bought more if they had more. I wouldn't care if it was Reece's or Jif or long as it's crunchy. But they only had the two jars of Skippy. We also saw pancake mix, Aunt Jemima syrup, devil's food cake mix, two colors of Karo syrup...AND lots of cans of pumpkin. And more and more cans of pumpkin were being placed on the shelves as we stood and watched, with Thanksgiving only days away. I wonder how many of those cans of pumpkin will still be there by Friday.

While in the store, I also bought two tins of Fortmason loose tea as well. It's the most fragrant, wonderful tea I've ever had. It's fancy tea. I wouldn't have made a trip only for the tea. But for REAL peanut butter, HEY I'd travel all across England!

I'm lucky that John's as picky about good peanut butter as I am! Otherwise, he'd think I'm pun intended, of course!



At 24 November, 2005 05:10 , Blogger gnightgirl said...

I have to know: what's the difference between an American peanut butter and a British peanut butter...or any other? What constitutes REAL peanut butter?

At 24 November, 2005 08:55 , Blogger "Alice" said...

Janet, I have been able to find Skippy's peanut butter (I'll admit smooth) at Sainsbury.

gnightgirl, to me, there is a BIG difference between British peanut butter and American. I have noticed that the color of American p.b. is darker, the taste is richer, smoother, and the British p.b. (at least what I have tasted) is drier.

Hmmm, I'll keep that store in mind for the next time we're in London.

And Janet? Happy Thanksgiving! to you too. :)

At 24 November, 2005 17:58 , Anonymous Howard said...

Quote: It's the most fragrant, wonderful tea I've ever had. It's fancy tea.

Not the kind you'd want to throw into Boston Harbor, then, Janet?!!! ;-) :-)

Here's wishing you and all your American readers a happy Thanksgiving, and I hope you and John have a wonderful dinner!



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