Tuesday, 18 April 2006

"I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass" - Nick Lowe, 1978

When John and I watched the local Oxford broadcast of the BBC News at 6:30 this evening, we noted a report about the communities in the UK which have the highest and the lowest burglary rates. Here's the story, on the BBC's website.

We were saddened to hear that Oxford is now #5 on the most-burgled list. That's even ahead of London.

But, in contrast, the place where John grew up, Swindon, is #5 on the UK's least-burgled communities list.

We suspect it's because burglars think that most Swindonians have little in their houses worth stealing.

(Ooooohhhhh...that's a little mean...sorry! I guess I'm still bitter about getting those nachos at a Swindon restaurant...the ones with whipped cream on top instead of sour cream! And to make matters worse, the waiter responded to my objection by telling us that "The chef knows what he is doing!"...)


Listening To: "A Time To Love", Stevie Wonder


At 19 April, 2006 03:00 , Blogger gnightgirl said...

NACHOS WITH WHIPPED CREAM?!! Hilarious, who whipped those puppies up, the great and powerful OZ?!

Keep ya doors locked!

At 21 April, 2006 10:59 , Blogger Janet said...

I'll have to try to find the snapshot we took of the whipped-cream nachos. ARGH....!

If I find it, I'll post it on Lord Celery!



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