Thursday, 15 June 2006

"(It's) All Over Bar The Shouting" - Fast Eddie Clarke, 1994

We got a brochure last night for the upcoming school fete at our local village primary school. The school is just down the road from us, so we're planning to go Saturday afternoon. It sounds like great fun, and it's a fund-raiser for a worthy cause.

A couple of items in the flyer have caught my eye, the first being the "Quad 'n' Bounce" event...

(You can click on any of the images to see a larger version.)

Note that "age restrictions apply". I first assumed that this meant no under-7's, or something similar. But then I got to thinking that perhaps this also means that John and I will get turned away if we want to "have a go"...perhaps anybody over, say, 40 won't be allowed to ride either?

Now, take a look at the list of "events", and see what's happening at 4:30...

I suppose they really could be planning a "penalty shout-out". But if so, I hope they are providing a "swear box". It might help raise a lot of money for the village school.


Listening to: Lizanne Knott, "Under the Burning Sky"


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