Friday, 16 June 2006

"Just What I Needed" - Cars, 1978

To celebrate the fact that I'm about to take a week of vacation -- YEA -- I thought I'd do something frivolous today. (And, England won their World Cup match with Trinidad & Tobago last night, so that's also worth celebrating.)

I "nicked" this idea from a blog called "2 hot chiks" that I bumped into through one of the blogs I read regularly. I think the Chiks, in turn, had gotten the idea from somebody else. But then that's how these so-called memes spread around, isn't it? (And if you are like me and completely clueless what the word "memes" means, you can see "The Memes List" blog page I've just linked for a definition.)

The idea, apparently, is to type what's in quotes below into a Google search box and then make note of the first 10 results you get:

"your first name needs"

Here are the first 10 results I got that didn't have to be censored:

1. Janet needs 500 more tiles for her bathroom.

2. Janet needs access to my engineering html page.

3. Janet needs to work harder at making George jealous.

4. Janet needs to make sure there is a clear strategy for the pharmacy.

5. Janet needs to notify her clients regarding her situation.

6. Janet needs to find some other way to introduce her new music.

7. My hate for Janet needs no Dutch courage to spark it off.

8. Janet needs justice and needs her story told so that she can rest in peace.

9. Janet needs to go pee!

and finally...

10. Janet needs early notice to get documentation going.

Try it yourself...and see what happens.

Have a good weekend, everybody!


Listening to: Dixie Chicks, "Taking the Long Way"


At 16 June, 2006 15:06 , Blogger John said...

Wanna know mine?

1. John needs your bone marrow

2. John needs help

3. John needs to get his patootie back here

4. John needs a way to assign an item's UUID to an attribute

5. John needs, John wants, John gets

6. John needs a lesson

7. Saint John needs to secure funding for cruise

8. John needs a good home

9. Elton John needs rest after throat surgery

and finally

10. "John" needs operation after hoooker (sic) bites penis for non-payment

At 17 June, 2006 14:20 , Blogger Jodie said...

2. Unending BE: Jodie Needs Cock [episode 115247]
3. Jodie needs to speak to someone she trusts

Oh MY, It appears I'm a paranoid sex addict! lol


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