Friday, 26 January 2007

"I Don't Know If I'm Coming Or Going" - Billie Holiday, somewhere between 1934 and 1937

I believe I've blogged before about how iPods seem to have distinct personalities and musical preferences?

I have two iPods full-sized and the other a Nano. The big iPod is what I take along on my numerous long-haul flights. The Nano is my commuting iPod. And sometimes it can be very comical.

On the Nano, I have two types of material. That's where I download podcasts (either news or music programs) every week. But I also have about 300 songs on the Nano permanently. They represent a collection of favorite know, the kind you either never skip over or maybe even repeat a couple of times if you're listening to them on the car stereo.

Yesterday, my little black Nano decided to play a funny little trick on me. I had my favorite songs set to randomly shuffle. Here's the playlist it came up with for my short trip from the city centre of Oxford to the Water Eaton Park and Ride lot:

"I'm Comin' Home" (Robert Earl Keen)

"Hold On, I'm Coming" (Sam & Dave)

"Letting Go" (Paul McCartney & Wings)

"Go Now" (Moody Blues)

It wasn't until I got to the McCartney track that my brain recognized the pattern that was developing, and then I nearly burst out laughing when the Moody Blues track started!

And they call it an inanimate object...!



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