Tuesday, 30 January 2007

"Speed of Sound" - Coldplay, 2005

We heard a weird story in the news this evening.

Apparently, last Saturday afternoon on an Oxfordshire "A" road (actually, it's the one we sometimes take to get to John's mum's home in Swindon), a man was ticketed for speeding in a "borrowed" Porsche 911. What makes the story so incredible is the speed he was accused of doing -- 172 MPH! If convicted, he will set the record for the highest speed ever recorded in the UK by an officer with a radar gun!

I see the BBC have posted the story here.

I've never driven that fast in my entire life. I love speed, but I'm also a big chicken.

Years ago, when I had an Audi TT and John and I had taken it into the Texas Hill Country, I experimented on a flat back-country road to see how fast I could get it to go. I got just over 100 mph before I lost my nerve and slowed back down. The TT would have gone a lot faster, although I think I remember something about the American versions at that time having a speed limiter which capped the speed at something like 120 mph.

The idea of 172 mph on a public road is beyond comprehension. What was that guy thinking?



At 31 January, 2007 14:24 , Blogger Heather said...

I was once driving a rental car across Alberta, and because I was alone and bored on a painfully straight largely abandoned stretch of highway, I thought I'd see how fast I could go. I think I made it up to about 190 - but that's in KILOMETRES not miles! :-)

At 04 February, 2007 19:45 , Anonymous KathyF said...

We maxed out our Volvo in Montana once, but I cannot imagine doing that on that road. I've been on that road, and you can barely do 70. Is he trying out for a presenter role on Top Gear?


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