Monday, 26 February 2007

"God Save The Queen" - Sex Pistols, 1977

Well, she did it. Last night, Helen Mirren won the Oscar for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth in "The Queen". And it's the first, biggest, and favorite news item here in the UK today, as my American readers might imagine.

I saw the film on a tiny screen on the way to Singapore a few weeks ago. It was certainly an exceptional performance by one of Britain's best actresses. But I have to wonder how much the vote by "the Academy" might have been influenced by America's love for things royal.

In any event, I wish John and I could have watched the show live. But then if we had been given the opportunity, I'd be even sleepier this afternoon than I already am.

I understand that the Queen has invited Mirren to tea. Wouldn't you just love to be a fly-on-the-wall for that event? I know I would.


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At 27 February, 2007 14:23 , Anonymous bronxboy said...

The show was more entertaining than most. However, much too long. I gave up and went to bed after the first 3.5 hours.


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