Sunday, 11 February 2007

"Your Smiling Face" - James Taylor, 1977

Hello from Singapore, everybody!

I didn't manage a note, before I left snowy Britain, to let all of you know that I was off to Singapore on Friday. I left Heathrow late-morning, arriving 12+ hours later...with an 8-hour time change Singapore's Changi Airport on Saturday morning. I don't think the contrast in weather has ever been so stark when I've traveled for business. I left my house with enough snow outside to make driving hazardous, and I've arrived here to typical Singapore hot and humid tropical weather. Hope my sinuses survive!

I'll be here until very late Thursday night. I'm running two courses here in the Marriott, tomorrow through Thursday. And then I'll get back home to England Friday morning.

I've been taking some snapshots this weekend, but I just don't have time tonight to get them ready to post here. Perhaps I can after class tomorrow night. I think Lord Celery's readers might enjoy them.

Meanwhile, though, let me explain the reason for the song I'm using as tonight's subject.

When I was in Singapore last October -- also staying at the Marriott -- I had an exceptional room service waiter who brought my dinner nearly every night. He's one of those people whose smile lights up the room, and I really enjoyed chatting with him at the end of each working day. He made time away from home more bearable.

Well, when I ordered some food delivered last night, guess who brought it? He said he thought my surname rang a bell, and he even hugged me (after he put down the tray)! So tonight, when he brought my fried rice and Sauvignon Blanc, I took his photo. And here he is...and by the way, he has such a complicated Indonesian name that I wouldn't even dare pronounce it, let alone attempt to spell it!

(Click on photo for a full-sized version.)

More photos on the way!



At 11 February, 2007 14:39 , Anonymous bronxboy said...

Let me know if you want to say hi to Dimitri (P.Head's old company) and I will send you his contact info. Safe travels.

At 12 February, 2007 15:03 , Blogger Heather said...

You jet-setter, you! It's hard to keep track of where you're going to land next. I'm still waiting for the stopover in my home town!

Have fun in Singapore.

At 16 February, 2007 22:02 , Blogger Milky Bar Kid said...

Janet, You have brought back good memories for me. Now you get to know how bad it was for me travelling through Singapore every month for 18 months! Isn't it rough? LOL. Oh. to be back there again sipping Singapore Slings at Raffles and drinking Guinness at Molly Malones Irish Pub. What a hard time I had out there working in all that heat.

At 10 November, 2008 11:48 , Anonymous Cayla said...

Good post.


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