Tuesday, 31 July 2007

"Time Has Come Today" - Chambers Brothers, 1967

I'm back in Greenwich this evening, as I'm running a training class in Canary Wharf again tomorrow. This one is a short trip, as I'll be back home tomorrow night.

I'm so glad the course wasn't last week, as I'm honestly not sure I could have gotten from home to London and back easily. But this afternoon, it was no problem at all. I certainly saw a lot of water in fields during my train journey from Banbury to London's Marylebone station. But I saw no serious flooding. And as this week's forecast is for "fine and dry weather", we're all hoping that we'll never see flooding like last week's for a long time.

Once I'd gotten to the Novotel Hotel here in Greenwich, I decided to take a little walk to enjoy the weather -- plus I needed a few things at the nearby Boots pharmacy before tomorrow's class.

I ended up walking with a couple of women from Toronto who had gotten off at the wrong Docklands Light Railway stop and were lost. They were headed for the Royal Observatory, so I walked them to the area of Greenwich near the Cutty Sark where there's a tourist information office. I knew vaguely where they should be going but thought it better that an expert give them directions. They were delightful ladies. And I was surprised and pleased that they noticed that the necklace I was wearing was a Canadian ammolite stone. I'd bought it in Calgary a few years ago. No one here ever knows what it is (they usually think it's an opal), so that pleased me enormously that somebody recognized what it is! And they, of course, clearly enjoyed seeing something so Canadian so far from their home...although, to be fair, Alberta is a long way from Ontario!

So once I'd run my errand, I headed back here to the hotel. I've prepared all of the materials for tomorrow. I've watched the news (including local "London" news rather than the "BBC Oxford" news we get in Oxfordshire), "EastEnders", and now I'm watching something about the wedding of Charles & Diana back in 1981. 1981???? Yikes...!

Anyway, I thought Lord Celery's readers might enjoy a few photos before I shut down the laptop for the night.

Click on any of the photos for a full-sized version.

The Novotel Hotel is right on Greenwich High Road, and here's the view this evening out my window. Greenwich is a beautiful place!

Here's another, closer view of Greenwich from my window.

This is the first time that I've been able to see the top of the Royal Observatory from a room here in this hotel! This is where the ladies of Toronto were headed. And you can clearly see the red "time ball".

I just couldn't resist this shot of such a symbol of London!



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