Thursday, 26 July 2007

"A Child with a Toy" - Lou Rawls, 1967

I'd like to promote a very good cause today.

One of the early connections I made when I began blogging in 2005 was Gnightgirl, and I try to read her blog "This Just In" every day (well, most days, anyway...I mean well). Among many other things, she's the mother of a young soldier in Iraq.

Through her son Brian, she's implementing an idea called "Toys For Troops" -- sending toys over to soldiers in Iraq so that the soldiers can give them to Iraqi children. The positive reaction to her idea has been just amazing.

And Toys For Troops even has its own blog, with updates on what's going on.

Please help Lori with this terrific project, if you feel so inclined!


PS The level of the Thames through Oxford is no longer rising, but there's more rain on the I'll keep you advised.


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