Wednesday, 18 July 2007

"Room With a View" - Carolyn Dawn Johnson, 2001

I was back in London again Monday and Tuesday, staying in Greenwich and teaching in one of the massive office buildings in Canary Wharf. When I arrived on the 33rd floor training room where the course was being held, my jaw dropped at the view. I thought I would share it with Lord Celery's readers as well!

You can click on any of the photos for a full-sized view.

Here's a view to the south, with The O2 (formerly called the Millennium Dome) in the middle of the photo.

Closer view of the O2, at one of the big bends of the River Thames.

Closer view, just to the south of the building where I was training.

Looking southwest down the Thames.

Another view to the SW.

In the middle of the photo is the area around London's ExCeL Centre.

And here's a closer view of the Thames Barrier, in the almost spooky lighting we had on Tuesday morning.



At 19 July, 2007 16:21 , Blogger Monique said...

WOW what a stunning view!

At 20 July, 2007 20:48 , Blogger Milky Bar Kid said...

Loved the views of London from up high. How did you manage to teach anything while looking at that view?


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