Tuesday, 7 August 2007

"Interview" - Kasabian, 2006

Surprise, surprise -- my boss (and long-time friend) made the "New York Times" today!

Here is the link to the article in the Frequent Flier column in today's Business section. You'll probably have to register to see it (if you haven't already)...but personally I don't mind registering with them, as the online version of the paper is such a great source of information.

The article captures Clara's sense of humor very faithfully!



At 07 August, 2007 13:24 , Anonymous bronx boy said...

It sure helps to have a good sense of humor when doing all the travelling that Clara (you and also I) have done. Good article!

At 07 August, 2007 13:54 , Blogger Janet said...

Bronx Boy -- NO KIDDING!!!! And I'm off again on Friday...



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