Friday, 4 April 2008

"Electronic Love Machine" - Ultraviolet, 2007

My iPod Nano currently has 738 songs on it within an iTunes playlist I've creatively named "Faves". I often shuffle them while riding on the park & ride bus and walking between the bus stop and my office. That part of my commute into my office in Oxford generally lasts around 25 minutes; that means that I hear 6 or 7 songs during each trip.

How did I select the songs on this playlist? I selected any song, from my extensive collection on iTunes, which I enjoy enough that I might repeat it at least once if it shuffled up on my full-sized iPod. Another way to describe the songs on this playlist is to say that they are all songs that I would never skip over if they shuffled up.

We've probably all heard stories from people who claim that their iPods have personalities. Well, my Nano -- which I only bought a few months ago -- is beginning to demonstrate his/hers.

This week, including this morning, I've started a brand new shuffle of the 738 "Fave" songs each time I've turned it on. And twice on Monday, twice on Tuesday, twice on Wednesday, twice yesterday, and again this morning, there has been a distinctive pattern.

With each and every new shuffle of songs this week, one of them has been either "Jump" or "Panama" by Van Halen or "Beat It" by Michael Jackson. Out of 738 possible songs...and it isn't like I actually have that much of either artist within Faves either!

I'm very suspicious that my Nano has a crush on Eddie Van Halen.



At 12 April, 2008 08:42 , Blogger Milky Bar Kid said...

Janet, You have answered your question... your Nano must be a girl .. or maybe it is gay! LOL


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