Wednesday, 16 April 2008

"There's A Hole In My Bed" - Nigel Dick, 1998

I'm sure I'm not the only one who receives spam written in some really badly-worded English.

I just got one in my email here at work that made me laugh out loud at the image it suggests. Here's what I received...verbatim.

Feeling down about fall-through in bed? Get up now! Leave unnecessary experience behind! your relief is almoust there! Excellence is just an instant way!

Now if any of you would like to go to the site being advertised by the email, I'd be happy to send you the link. Personally, there's no way I would dare to click on it myself...especially here at work!



At 16 April, 2008 21:15 , Blogger Expatmum said...

I know I can't be that stupid or naive, but I don't really get it? Is "fall-through" what I think it might be? Actually, since my bathroom ceiling is about to fall into the room below, I can't really conceive of any other at the moment.

At 16 April, 2008 21:45 , Blogger Kris said...

Hi Janet. I'm working for Susan Hamilton Group (the name just changed from 'Action Recruitment'). It's right on Cornmarket above the Vodafone shop. I certainly wouldn't mind you popping in, or maybe we could do lunch sometime!

Take care!

At 17 April, 2008 08:44 , Blogger Janet said...

Expatmum: Yes I'm with you -- I suspect "fall through" is intended to mean what we are thinking, NOT actually falling through a hole in the bed. But I understand your preoccupation with things that are falling -- because of your ceiling. Seriously, I'm so sorry for you. What a mess...

Kris: I'll post a note back to you on your blog. I'd love to have lunch, some week I'm in Oxford all week...which will be in May.



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