Friday, 1 August 2008

"Hit Me With Your Best Shot" - Pat Benatar, 1980

Following in the lead of two of my favorite bloggers (Jenne and Wendy), I'm going to try my hand at a bullet point blog entry. So here are the things I'm pondering as the day begins...

>I heard something on the radio here this morning that would not be heard on the radio or TV in the States. A woman, describing the difficult health problems she's had, said she was "desperately poorly". (I hear that people are poorly or are feeling poorly all the time around the office.)

>I wish I could retire and do whatever I want with my time. In a few years, maybe. In the meantime, we're plotting a strategy for 2009.

>John has the most kissable cheeks (of the facial variety). I'll bet that when he was a kid, people pinched them all the time. And I'll bet he hated that.

>When did I start turning my car stereo volume down when I need to concentrate on my driving? I used to be able to do almost anything with loud music playing. Is this a sign of old-age creeping up on me?

>How am I going to stand the next two weeks at work with Gavin away on vacation? It's going to be so uninspiring here in this office.

>One of my favorite "familiar strangers" on the park and ride bus this morning (I'm going to write a full post about familiar strangers in the coming days) really surprised me. I thought I had her figured out. 50s. Beautiful grey hair in a comtemporary short haircut. Nice clothes but conservative. Expensive handbag - black. You know, the slightly-trendy but still modestly-classy look. Well, this morning she appeared from her car with bright pink streaks in her hair, placed randomly from the crown of her head down toward her forehead. She didn't look embarrassed, so I guess it wasn't an accident.

>I don't think that we'll ever experience low-cost energy again. And I suspect that the days of the budget airlines and cheap flights are numbered. It's a good thing that we have email, webcams, and inexpensive international long-distance phone rates. Now we just need holodecks.

>I didn't know that John McCain can't raise his arms above about waist-level, because of the extent of the torture he suffered while in captivity - or was that just a fanciful discussion about McCain on the BBC TV's "Mock the Week" last night?

>I'm wondering if all of the McGuire Sisters are still alive. I'll have to Google them.

What about you? What are you pondering today?


PS Another bullet point - why won't my blogger template reproduce bullet points on the final published version of this story? I've had to put in stupid ">" marks to recreate them.


At 01 August, 2008 14:52 , Blogger Heather said...

Hmmm... I may have to do some pondering today too.

I'm the SAME way about loud music in the car these days.


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