Wednesday, 1 April 2009

"Up on the Roof" - Drifters, 1962

I rode in the downstairs rear of the park and ride bus after work yesterday. Because the bus was more full than normal, I ended up in a seat facing backwards rather than forward like usual.

When we pulled into the regular stop in the Oxford suburb of Headington, I was very surprised to see this out of the bus window...I'm usually not facing this direction when we pause at this bus stop:

(Click on the photo for a full-sized image.)

You can read about the house's unusual roof decoration in this article.



At 01 April, 2009 16:35 , Blogger Sarah D said...

wait had you really not seen this before? The shark is pure genius!

At 01 April, 2009 17:25 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is a fabulous piece and has been there for years.

Bill Heine who had it installed has a radio show in Oxford every day and has done for years now, is originally from Illinois.

At 01 April, 2009 18:28 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised that "Oxford City Council tried to have it taken down on grounds of safety," that's the excuse for eliminating almost everything interesting in this country! (Thinking back to the santa hat on Cambridge college roof late last year...)

At 02 April, 2009 04:03 , Blogger Gnightgirl said...

Cool; we're remodeling, you know; I'll see if Clint wants to throw a shark into our country casa decor.

At 27 March, 2012 23:24 , Anonymous Rolf Matchen said...

Heh heh, that kind of makes you wonder. If someone was eager to go through the effort of sticking more than half a shark on top of the roof, then they would probably go the distance and make a shark's head to stick around the ceiling below. You’ve gotta admire the talent it takes to construct something like that on a roof!

At 30 July, 2012 16:52 , Anonymous Mariam Freame said...

The owner of that house surely has a creative mind! I wonder how he got that shark on his roof, and what measures he took to make sure it’s safely built. Because whatever that shark is made of, it clearly is too big to be light. I’m guessing the owner knows roofing like an expert, or he did hire exceptional roofing experts.


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