Monday, 4 May 2009

"Color My World" - Chicago, 1970

A Bank Holiday 3-day weekend is just ending here in the UK. It's been great for us. We've run a lot of errands, worked in the garden, watched snooker on TV, watched the bats and birds in the back garden, and gotten extra rest. You can't ask for more than that. Oh, and we ate well, too!

Speaking of gardens, the color around our house is incredible this time of year. At some point yesterday afternoon, I walked into the small upstairs bedroom that we call "John's room". It's on the back side (north side) of the house. The colors I saw through the windows in front of his desk caught me by surprise. I know how beautiful it is out there right now, but I guess I hadn't seen the clematis and trees from that particular angle. I took a couple of photos to share - and you can click on either of the photos for a full-sized image.

This is essentially what I saw when I stood in the doorway.

And here's a better view of what he can see through his windows. The pink clematis climbs high up into the trees...almost looking like a waterfall of flowers!



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