Tuesday, 7 April 2009

"Long Way Away" - Schnell Fenster, 1988

Sometimes I get hit in the face - hard - by how far away I am from the country where I grew up.

Just a few minutes ago, I logged into my office email. I saw I had a message from CNN with some breaking news. Here's what the item was:

University of North Carolina beats Michigan State, 89-72, for NCAA basketball championship, Sports Illustrated reports.

One of the highlights of springtime for me used to be the NCAA basketball tournament. This year, I had forgotten about it completely.



At 07 April, 2009 13:10 , OpenID notfromaroundhere said...

I went to Michigan State (both BS AND MS) and didn't realize they were in the finals... you know that in America I would have known that! Sorry they lost though, it was fun when they won a few years back.

At 07 April, 2009 23:54 , Blogger bronx boy said...

Yes the Spartans did themselves proud getting as far as they did. Michigan needs a success story these days and they provided one!

At 13 April, 2009 17:11 , Blogger Iota said...

I hope you don't mind. I've taken your movie titles game, and put it on my blog. I did credit you with the idea, so I hope that's ok.


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