Saturday, 20 June 2009

"Two of Us" - Beatles, 1970

One of the great joys of our North Oxfordshire home is the assortment of birds that visit our various feeders, all year round. Among my favorites this time of year are the elusive Great Spotted Woodpeckers. They are just gorgeous. But they don't like people very much. Even the slightest movement by John or by me in a window of the house will send any of the woodpeckers flying back toward the trees.

But a few days ago, I noticed a "Woody" feeding on our nut feeder. I moved toward the back door to get a better look. Rather than hiding on back side of the feeder - as they often do - this one was feeding where he/she could clearly see me in the window. And it wasn't bothered. I wondered if it might be a youngster who doesn't know better (yet). Thanks to the RSPB's website, I identified the red-headed bird as a juvenile Great Spotted. So sure enough, he/she is still a little naive and not yet as skittish as an adult woodpecker would be.

Then, to my amazement, a second woodpecker (with a dark head...meaning it's an adult) flew onto the feeder as well. Incredibly, I had the chance to take this shot...

(Click on the photo for a full-sized image.)

Beautiful, aren't they?



At 21 June, 2009 04:55 , Blogger june in florida said...

How beautiful they are,and two at one time.Welcome back.

At 21 June, 2009 14:20 , Anonymous Nozza said...

Wow! What a picture! I haven't seen Spike here for ages :0(


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