Tuesday, 31 May 2011

"A Tale of Coincidence" - Joe Locke, 2001

One of the new members of our sales team at work asked me last week if I could talk to him about options some time, as he wanted to understand better how our energy industry clients might use them. So he came into my office this morning for his lesson. We discussed options for about 45 minutes.

As I'm now in an office on my own, I listen to my DAB radio all day (either BBC Radio 2 or BBC 6 Music). Of course, I turned the radio off while my colleague was with me.

When he left, (hopefully) feeling much more confident that he understands how options work, I turned the radio back on. Lauren Laverne's show was on 6 Music -- I was tuned into 6 Music since Ken Bruce is on vacation all this week.

The song playing was the band Gomez's new single.

Its title?


Life can be so amusing sometimes!