Tuesday, 19 August 2014

"It's OK" - Cee Lo Green, 2010

Yesterday was my Aunt Blanche's birthday, and I thought a lot about her off and on all day. She was very special to me.

After I got home this morning from walking our dog Tulie (will write more about her later...a lot has happened since my last entry in 2011), I turned on BBC Radio 2. Ken Bruce was playing Cee Lo Green's "It's OK".

I felt like I slipped into a sort of trance. That song was on the radio a lot when Aunt Blanche's heart condition worsened. And when I flew home to the US to see her for the last time in December 2010, I heard it over and over on the radio as I drove through New Mexico. It always makes me think of her.

In the song, there's a part of the lyrics that talks about an "extraordinary woman". Yup. That was my Aunt Blanche. She died in January 2011.

Before the song finished, the postman knocked on the front door. As usual, Tulie went tearing down the stairs to see who it was.

That's when the spell was broken.  And that was ok.



At 19 August, 2014 16:41 , Anonymous Vikki L. Jeanne Cleveland said...

Those remembering moments are both painful and precious. {{{Love You Huggies!}}} :) ♥

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