Friday, 2 December 2005

"Don't Wake Me Up" - Microphones, 1999

Sorry that I've been silent this week from here in Calgary. That's how business trips go. Sometimes there's time to blog, and sometimes there isn't. This time it's been a busy, tiring week.

There was an incredibly funny photo on the front page of the Canadian papers yesterday. I was going to try to write a blog entry about it last night but, once again, just didn't have time.

But my friend Steve did, on his blog Today Is Absolutely Today. So take a look at his blog entry, featuring the photo of the snoozing Navy students at Annapolis, Maryland.

By the way, on the front page of Canada's national paper "The Globe and Mail", the photo was captioned, "Battle Weary: Cadets Await Word From Bush On Iraq Pullout".

(from Calgary, Alberta, Canada)


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