Thursday, 1 March 2007

"Taking the Easy Way Out" - Steve Hackett, 1983

When I started this posting today at lunchtime, I thought about writing about the biggest news story in England right now...what appears to be contamination of some kind in unbranded petrol (i.e., gasoline) being sold in parts of England by major supermarket chains. But I'm just feeling too lazy to do that today.

So, after reading today's entry from one of my favorite bloggers, Lynnequist, I'm going to cheat and piggyback off her posting. She's found an article in the UK's "The Guardian" newspaper which contrasts what makes people laugh in America versus in the UK. I found it very interesting, and maybe some of you will also. It's called "What Are You Laughing At".

Meanwhile, perhaps I'll update you on the petrol story once those in-the-know sort out what's gone wrong. I'm just glad I buy my petrol from branded stations. And my little Audi's oxygen sensors should be glad, too.


PS. And to any Welsh readers out there....Happy Saint David's Day!


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