Tuesday, 27 December 2005

"(Get The) Bug" - Fifth Column, 1994

We've BOTH gotten "the bug" here in North Oxfordshire. John's is a brand-new cold bug that started late last week. Mine, I suspect, is what's left of the bronchitis I had weeks ago. But the bug or bugs have us by the napes of our necks and have dragged us down to our knees. BOTH of us. Argh...

So there's little to report from here. We're having a very quiet Christmas. And whichever of us feels the best at any point in time brings food and beverages upstairs to the other.

The good news is that we are feeling better today, after a lot of sleep and fluids and cold meds since the weekend. And we don't leave for the States until Sunday, so we still have plenty of time to fully recover and get packed up for the trip.

Meanwhile, I have to say that our Christmas has felt quite a bit like the one being suggested by the photo below...which I have to admit I "nicked" from the website run by my cousins the Estes Family (so hope you guys don't mind) ...

I'll write more before we go. Meanwhile, I'm catching up on my blog-reading this afternoon.



At 27 December, 2005 18:56 , Blogger gnightgirl said...

My son and I both fell to some sore-throat flu on Christmas day; thankful to have yesterday off and lie around, I'm back at work now, glazed eyes staring at the monitor, wishing for something called a "Sick Day."

Get better before your flight home!

At 27 December, 2005 19:03 , Anonymous bronx boy said...

Have a couple of "Mexican Flags" to knock the cold germs out of your system!

At 28 December, 2005 04:21 , Anonymous Andrew said...

And if the Mexican Flags don't work, try a hot whisky toddy. It might not cure the cold, but at least you'll have had a hot whisky toddy.

Feel better soon.

At 28 December, 2005 10:34 , Blogger Janet said...

Thanks, everybody! And I hope YOU feel better soon, too, Gnightgirl...along with your son.

We're improving quite a bit. And I think all the excitement will help us overcome the balance of the crud we both have.

Mmmmm...Mexican Flags and Hot Toddies (Toddys?) sound nice! We had some really nice single-malt last night, and I can't help but believe that did us a lot of good!

Thanks again to those who care!




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