Thursday, 8 December 2005

"Strawberry Fields Forever" - Beatles, 1967

It's a very sad anniversary today. 25 years ago tonight, Mark Chapman shot John Lennon in New York City. Here's the BBC's web page covering Lennon's death. There is at least one program tonight about the event, and I don't feel like watching.

I have a very strong memory of that evening, back in 1980. I had left my ex-husband only weeks earlier and was living on my own in an apartment in the Woodlake area of Houston. I was relieved to be out of a very unhappy relationship. We'd split up our worldly belongings, and I was living with roughly half of what had been "our" things. For example, I had living room end tables but no sofa. I had speakers but no receiver in my stereo rack. I had glassware but not dishes. But I had my baby grand. And I had my independence. And I was determining my own life's direction again. I was starting over. I wasn't especially happy, really, but at least I was solely responsible for my own destiny again. I felt I could be happy again.

I was delighted when, in 1980, John and Yoko had released "Double Fantasy"...which starts out with the song "Just Like Starting Over". It was very inspirational for me. As my friends already know, I was (and am) a huge fan of the Beatles' music...and of their solo work. I was starting over, and John's song was helping my spirits during a pivotal time in my life.

On the evening of the 8th of December 1980, I went out to dinner in Houston with my friend Scott. When I got home, I was stunned with the news from New York. My brother Larry called me from Austin...perhaps he had already left me a message on my answering machine when I got memory of that evening isn't perfect. I remember crying with him on the phone, as we watched the news coverage on TV. We were gutted.

So that was 25 years ago, huh? Seems like yesterday...


(PS. Sorry for the silence this week. I have been ill since getting back from Calgary and only this evening have felt like writing something for Lord Celery. And I felt it was important to write today.

By the way, my John is here taking care of me...he came over from the London area midday today. And his being here is the best medicine of all!)


At 09 December, 2005 15:56 , Anonymous bronx boy said...

Glad you are feeling better!

At 09 December, 2005 19:53 , Blogger Janet said...

Thanks, BB...I am!



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