Wednesday, 26 April 2006

"Kind of a Drag" - Buckinghams, 1967

I had intended to write an upbeat entry tonight. But I can't. I'm really bummed. I'm aggravated. I'm amazed and mad and irritated. And I'm bummed about something I can't write here about.

I hasten to add that it has NOTHING to do with my personal life. John's keeping me sane right now. God bless my lovely husby! He's just wonderful!!!

If you are reading this and are a personal friend, you can ask me what's going on...and I'll tell you. And undoubtedly I'll feel a LOT better if I vent some more.

When I feel better, I'll post the photo(s) that I intended to post tonight. Sorry about this.




At 27 April, 2006 06:59 , Blogger gnightgirl said...

Pick me, pick me, oh, I'm going to email you ASAP and get the good dirt! If no email, know I'm swamped, and send me the dirt anyway!

At 29 April, 2006 13:49 , Anonymous Howard said...

Janet, if there is any help I can give, or any support I can lend, you know you can always contact in a PM via the forum.



At 30 April, 2006 21:29 , Blogger Janet said...

I thank you both -- and others who have e-mailed me -- for your support! I'm coming to grips with a difficult situation. Life's never easy, is it?

Thanks, friends!



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