Saturday, 5 August 2006

"Thank Heaven For Little Girls" - Maurice Chevalier, 1958

I've known a lot of really cute little girls in my life. Two of the world's cutest are my nieces...shown here, at our wedding in New Mexico last January, with my best friend Claudia. And although I've never met them, photos of Heather's daughters always make me smile.

I saw two of the cutest little girls ever on the park & ride bus from Oxford yesterday afternoon. I just couldn't help but try to snap a couple of shots with my mobile phone, as they shared a seat on the shuttle bus.

(Click on the photos to see a larger version.)

These two (I assume they are sisters) made a 20-minute ride go too quickly! I especially loved their little matching for one of them, and blue for the other.


Listening to: Dave Matthews Band, "Stand Up"


At 05 August, 2006 20:31 , Blogger The very nice man said...

Yes, they are gorgeous!
I pray they will preserve their innocence!!
Isn't God clever to design such beauty?!!

At 06 August, 2006 04:30 , Blogger Heather said...

Very cute. Almost as cute as my kids. :-)

Glad to hear mine make you smile. They make me smile now and then too.


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