Tuesday, 31 October 2006

"Spooky" - Classics IV, 1967

After a LONG absence, I thought I'd write yet another catch-up note!

What's new? Well, John has sold his Hertfordshire home and will give possession to the new owner on Friday of next week. Therefore, my week of vacation this week is spent split between helping John vacate his house and finally getting rid of unwanted/unneeded stuff here in what is about to become our only residence in Oxfordshire. It's sad to be separated a good bit of this week, but it's for a terrific purpose. Besides, I've travelled enough in the past 2+ months anyway, and I'm delighted to keep my feet on the ground for awhile.

Besides not posting very often, I also am very delinquent in reading my friend's blogs. So when I take breaks from going through things here at home, I'm going to try my best to catch up with all of Lord Celery's friends. I hope I'm forgiven!

Meanwhile, Happy Halloween everybody! I thought I might share with all of you the "haunting" which has occurred here in the old barn in which we're living...but I can't get the photo uploader to work right now. I'll try again later.
Anybody else having a problem uploading photos today?

In the meantime, I found an interesting website someone has put together, full of "Halloween" songs!

More as I can...



At 31 October, 2006 15:58 , Blogger gnightgirl said...

Yay, Janet's back! No pressure to blog when life's running away with you; we'll wait. :-)

At 31 October, 2006 16:16 , Blogger The very nice man said...

Welcome back, Janet!
Great news about you two people finally moving in together, heehee!!
About time!!
Anyway, happy Halloween to you and John and by selling John's place you'll hav a gazillion Pounds in the bank so . . . where's the party??

At 31 October, 2006 21:05 , Blogger Heather said...

Missed you!

Happy Halloween!

At 01 November, 2006 13:48 , Anonymous bronxboy said...

Ditto to Heather's comment.

At 02 November, 2006 13:36 , Blogger Janet said...

THANKS for the welcome-back messages!

Gnightgirl: I am SO GLAD you like Smugmug so much! I'll check out your new pages soon.

Erik: Sadly, what John's putting in the bank will simply be put up against a wildly overpriced house in Oxfordshire one of these days...and then we'll be poor again! ;-)

Heather & Bronx Boy: Nice to be missed!



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