Sunday, 24 September 2006

"Motorcycle Mama" - Neil Young, 1978

While John and I were on the way to The Netherlands last week, a great lady died back in the States.

Former Texas Governor Ann Richards was someone I admired a lot. She was a feisty, smart woman just full of personality and charisma. I'm sorry that we've lost her.

One of the lasting images in my mind of Ann Richards was of her on a motorcycle, and here's a copy of that photo (courtesy of the archives of the State of Texas):

Many of you won't know anything about Ann Richards. Take a look at the entry about her in Wikipedia. She was an original!


PS I'm off to Calgary, and then Singapore, tomorrow afternoon. With any luck -- and if hotel internet connections cooperate -- I'll have a little time to catch up on Lord Celery with stories from Cape Town and from Den Bosch, Holland...and I'll get more photos posted on Smugmug!


At 24 September, 2006 21:43 , Blogger Milky Bar Kid said...

Safe travelling Janet. Look forward to your updates on your return to good old Blighty.

At 25 September, 2006 03:39 , Blogger Vikki L. Jeanne Cleveland said...

Godspeed, old friend. :)

At 25 September, 2006 14:33 , Blogger The very nice man said...

I don't know . . . what is it with you Americans?? Always on the hoof!! Save travels and looking forward to the pics!

At 27 September, 2006 04:48 , Blogger Janet said...

Thanks, everybody.

"Very Nice Man" - I wouldn't be travelling so much were it not for my job. Exotic as it might sound, it gets very tiring sometimes...



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