Thursday, 24 August 2006

"Crazy" - Patsy Cline, 1961

I know I promised Cape Town stories. I will still post well as more photos. But today, I want to write about my lunch in Oxford with my "husby".

John came into Oxford this morning with me and my friend Cindy on the infamous Stagecoach 59 bus. He did some shopping this morning -- along with getting his watch repaired -- and then he met me for lunch at Cafe Loco, which is not far from my office.

(Click on each photo if you'd like to see a larger version.)

I love this cafe...especially when I can sit in the table right in the corner of the building. You can see somebody sitting there in the photo above...a photo I took earlier this summer, using the camera in my phone. That table has a terrific view of Christ Church College and Cathedral.

John got there first and nabbed "our table", once it became available. He had all of his bags of shopping next to him, on the floor. He'd bought shoes, trousers, socks, some hardware items, etc., etc. He began showing me what he'd bought. (That reminds me of the lyrics of "Bus Stop"...!)

We laughed at the situation. It was such a role reversal. Wife leaves the office to meet her husband for lunch, after he's been shopping in town during the morning. Husband shows wife what he bought. Wife approves. Wife goes back to work afterwards, while husband takes the bus back home.


Our waitress came over, and we shared our little joke with her. She laughed, too.

Meanwhile, we had a wonderful lunch, and once again I enjoyed the view from my favorite restaurant table in Oxford...

Back to work now!



At 24 August, 2006 14:23 , Blogger Monique said...

what a view!

At 24 August, 2006 14:55 , Anonymous bronx boy said...

Ecco shoes are great! I have several pair. Very jealous of the view and location.

At 24 August, 2006 14:56 , Blogger Heather said...

Sounds familiar. My hubby and I live our whole lives in role reversal, since he's the stay-at-home parent. When friends come over for a meal, and he's the one bustling around the kitchen, it makes for a few laughs. But it works for us. He's also the one who knows all the gossip through the other parent volunteers at school.

At 24 August, 2006 15:24 , Blogger gnightgirl said...

:whining: I wanna eat there! That is hilarious, John showing up with all of his shopping bags. How cute. I have to find me a shoppin' guy!

At 24 August, 2006 15:40 , Blogger The very nice man said...

Now you've done it!!
I used to go to a creperie/ice-parlour opposite the old fire station but they changed owner and it's not nice anymore.
Now if you see a 'very nice man' sitting in your favourite spot in Cafe Loco . . . it'll probably me!
So nice to have you back, Janet, and thanks for the tip.
If you have any more tips about Oxford or the adjacent Cotswolds I'd sure be grateful for them, as I have constantly people coming over form Germany wanting to be shown a good time.
Just send them to or talk me through them when Jan and I are next in Oxford. I'd buy you and John a Capuccino!!

At 24 August, 2006 19:58 , Blogger KathyF said...

I thought that was Christ Church in the window! I'll have to try that place. But it's not where Alice's Teashop is, is it? Must be close.

At 24 August, 2006 22:54 , Blogger Milky Bar Kid said...

Life is wonderful! John looks so relaxed and obviously enjoying married life with you, Janet. I liked the bit about the Hollies song too. It is one of my al time favourites.


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