Tuesday, 8 August 2006

"Shut Your Mouth When You Sneeze" - Screamin' Jay Hawkins, 1998

Although the photo above looks remarkably like one of the favorite toys of my now-departed Westie named Mac, in truth it's actually a grain of pollen. It's the stuff that can make any of us sneeze...and one of the things that drives my immune system completely crazy.

I've had "perennial allergic rhinitis" since I was a very young child, and I've been on full-time medication for the condition since I was about 6 or 7 years old.

According to the news today, I'm potentially at a higher risk of eventually developing Parkinson's disease as a result of my chronic allergies. Yikes!

Pardon the pun...but the increased odds mentioned in the article are nothing to sneeze at.



At 08 August, 2006 14:57 , Blogger gnightgirl said...

Allergies can make one miserable, I know. I'm lucky in that they rarely hit, and instead of sneezing and eyes watering, I get a bit of a sore throat. A few OTC tabs and I'm done.

knock on wood.

At 09 August, 2006 04:47 , Blogger Vikki L. Jeanne Cleveland said...

I remember Mac fondly although I never met him personally. When he crossed the Rainbow Bridge, you told me that you and John might think about another Westie when things were more permanent between you??? Marriage is supposed to be kinda permanent methinks??? :) Westies have nothing to do with allergies except for Mac's toy that looked like pollen, but your mentioning him made me think of him. Somewhere out there is another Westie wanting a happy ending. :) All little animals ~ and big animals, too ~ like Barbaro ~ should have happy endings. :) By the way, I'm allergic to kitties, but don't tell Melanie, Chelsie, and Elly Fae. :) Since I wasn't going to give up my little girls, I now get by with a daily dose of Nasonex and an occasional puff on the ol' inhaler.

At 09 August, 2006 14:36 , Blogger Janet said...

Gnightgirl: I DO hope the OTC products continue to give you the relief you need. Allergies can be so miserable.

Vikki: We BADLY want a Westie puppy (or maybe two...?), but a couple of things are stopping us right now. One is that I'm still travelling so much for work. The other is that the lease on our house doesn't permit pets. That's one reason we need a place of our own...which we'll be getting some time next year. And I'm already accumulating a list of English Westie breeders, too, for when the time comes!

We can't wait to give another Westie a happy life...and for one to give US a happier life, too!

Kiss the kitties for me, please!



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