Monday, 27 November 2006

"One-Two-Three, You Really Got A Hold On Me" - Eddie Rabbitt, 2003

Something that John has always done -- so he says -- is starting to happen to me, too. John's dreams are very creative, including very intriguing names of people, places, etc. In the past, my dreams could be complex but almost never included a person's, a thing's or a place's least not one I could remember when I woke up.

But over the past couple of years, that's starting to change.

In case any of you wondered, "Lord Celery" was the name of a person I dreamt about early last year. So was this year's "Alfie Lafalfie". (I'll try to post there more often, by the way.)

Last night, I had a dream about a little book. It was called...

"Three Little Songs About France"

I wonder where this stuff comes from.



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