Wednesday, 15 November 2006

"Right Track Wrong Train" - Cyndi Lauper, 1983

The title of this posting says it all.

I thought I was such a big girl. This morning, I left my hotel...I made the connection between the Docklands Light Railway train and the Tube perfectly...and I got to our client's office at Canary Wharf a little bit early. I felt like such a "Londoner"!

But tonight, I took the Tube back from Canary Wharf to Canning Town, and then I took the first eastbound DLR train that arrived. I was on the right track, but I took a train heading toward London City Airport rather than to the ExCeL centre. At least I realized it before I'd gotten too far.

So I got off at the first stop -- West Silvertown Station-- and crossed over to the other side to take the ride back to Canning Town. There was only one other person on the westbound platform with me. It was a little spooky...but I entertained myself by taking a photo with my digital phone. Would you like to see it?

Here you go...

(Click on the image for a larger version of the photo.)

I'll try it all again tomorrow! I'll bet I do better!


PS OH...and I've figured out that I'm not south of the Thames here after all...I'm still on the north side, just farther into the east side of London than I've ever been before.


At 16 November, 2006 14:10 , Anonymous bronxboy said...

Reminds me of the several times I did the same thing while working in London back in 1999. Cool photo!


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