Monday, 18 December 2006

"Mouths of Babes" - Smashing Pumpkins, 1996

Heard on the Park and Ride bus from Oxford this afternoon...

Two mums with three children between them. Talking about their Christmas shopping. The kids talking about all the presents they are expecting to get next week. Young as they were, I was hearing about iPod Nanos, game consoles and mobile phones...among other things.

One of the mums, aware that nearby riders were hearing the childrens' chatter, said to them, "Now, you must not forget the true meaning of Christmas! What is Christmas really all about, then?"

One of the kids thought for a second and then said...."Father Christmas?".



At 18 December, 2006 19:29 , Anonymous bronxboy said...

Today's parents spoil their kids by giving them too much too soon. Very few understand or appreciate the true meaning of the Christmas season. Sad to see that it is the same in the U.K as it is here.

At 18 December, 2006 19:44 , Blogger Janet said...

Sadly, Bronxboy, it's true...although sometimes I think Christmas is a LITTLE less commercial here. But not much.


At 18 December, 2006 20:13 , Blogger Milky Bar Kid said...

I actually think it is much more commercial here in the UK than it is in parts of the USA. For instance, in Florida, the first signs of Christmas seem to be after Thanksgiving but in the UK we see Christmas things in the shops from 1st October! And trees from that time too.

At 18 December, 2006 22:29 , Anonymous KathyF said...

I like that picture of Father Christmas, wearing green for a change. How nice.


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