Saturday, 3 March 2007

"Rescue Me" - Fontella Bass, 1965

Last night, John and I watched a program on one of the BBC television channels which included a feature about a speciality animal rescue team in England. I wish I could find a link to the program, but I've looked and just can't.

During the show, they mentioned that they practice on animal mannequins which they source through an American company called Rescue Critters...including, by the way, a full-sized horse mannequin. What an interesting company...and website! (John and I wondered, though, how many new "hits" their site might have gotten during and just after last night's program!!!)

I guess I'd never thought about the need for an animal mannequin. I'll bet my friend Krista, who is a Houston veterinarian, knows all about this, though. I'll send her a note and ask her!

By the way, looking at the Rescue Critters site, I note that they also sell big floor pillows called "Cowches". Take a look. They are very funny, and part of the profit supposedly goes to a cow sanctuary. Here's the designer's own website.



At 06 March, 2007 15:21 , Blogger Janet said...

Followup from Lord Celery:

My friend Krista says that while she knew that there is a maker/are makers of animal mannequins, she hadn't heard about Rescue Critters before.



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