Wednesday, 3 September 2008

"You Can Get What You Want" - Ricardo Silveira, 1989

With all of the recent focus on my home country in the British press - because of political conventions and hurricanes - I was thinking about a very "American" story this morning as I got ready for work.

On one of our trips back to the States in the last couple of years, we had lunch in a cafe with service up at the front counter. Neither John nor I can remember exactly where it was, but those details don't matter. It was somewhere in either Texas or New Mexico.

Displayed on the counter where you order food was a red Coke cup, with a sign in front that said 99 cents. Coke was fine with me. John, however, had a craving for root beer that day.

So in his very best English accent, John very politely asked the guy at the counter if it would be possible to get a root beer, rather than a Coke, as his beverage.

The server grinned and said, "Sir, this is America. You can have whatever you want!"


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